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July 27, 2012
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Dr.Aki looked carefully at his notes and at the two figures in front of him.

" I'm not sure if the darker one is safe for use... Put it in the storage facility... "
" sir, what about the blue one? "
" leave it where it is. I know a few friends who might want to see it. "

As they left the room, they didn't notice their prototype's eyes open and stare after them.


" Miss Erika? Where are we heading to at such an early hour? "
" well Brass, Dr.Aki said he had a new model to show us. "
" a new model? "
" yeah, he built it for military purposes... Of course, he's not sure if it works not. 
It hasn't turned on or done much of anything... "

Brass crossed her arms and kept a steady pace with her eager medafighter.
Erika had her camera in hand and she quickened her pace,
wondering if Dr.Aki would let her interview the new model when it worked.

When they arrived;
Dr.Aki, Karin, Neutranurse, Ikki, and Metabee were already there.
Metabee tapped at his mask and intimidated a yawn,

" you two are slower then Ikki before breakfast. "
" Metabee, you should not insult your own medafighter. "

Brass pointed out as she stepped behind Neutranurse.
The nurse Medabot looked up to her own medafighter,

" Miss Karin, perhaps you can explain a bit more as to why we're here... "
" oh! Of course 'Nurse!
Uncle Aki had created a Military War machine. 
It's not really a Medabot, but he is simillar.
Uncle Aki wanted to show it to us. "
" so I can give him a Metabee-boppin? "

Metabee evilly rubbed his hands together and snickered.
Ikki rolled his eyes and swung his hands behind his head,

" Metabee, it's just a prototype, you can't robattle it yet. "
" ... Please? Brass is too cowardly to- "
" I can robattle you anytime and anywhere, Metabee. "

Brass glared at the KBT.
Just because he won the World Championship, didn't mean he could start insulting other Medabots abilities to robattle.
Dr. Aki tapped on her shoulder mount before she could continue,

" if you guys are finished, you can fight or I can show you the new model. "


Brass held Erika's hand as they walked through the Medabot Corperation.
There were quite a few tinpets and Medabots being constructed.
She noticed them working on a Medabot, but she didn't recognize it, and half of it was covered in a tarp.

" here it is! "

Brass' eyes shimmered when she saw the model.
It was blue, with a bit of silver, and it looked like an animal type.

" it is interesting, Mr.Aki... "
" yes, and we finally got it to work. "

Dr.Aki tapped it on the back and it's eyes flickered on.
They were the same color as Metabee's, yet different.
It stepped forward and bowed to them.

" unfortunately, it doesn't speak yet. "

Brass wasn't sure, but she thought the new model was looking at her...

" we call him Jonathan. "

The model seemed to respond and  turned to Dr.Aki,
staring intently at him.
Brass blinked at Jonathan.
It seemed he was a bit like a Kilobot... 
Erika snapped her out of her daze as her medafighter took pictures around Jonathan.

" oh this so cool does it pose can it pose for my picture if it can't talk how do I get an interview?! "

Jonathan's ears drooped as he stared at Erika.
She didn't seem to notice, however, and kept taking pictures.
Metabee noticed Brass staring at Jonathan and tapped on her shoulder,

" what's up? "
" ... Nothing. It is nothing. "

Brass gripped Metabee's hand and forced it away.
There was something about that new prototype that made her feel...

Erika finally ran out of film and they decided it was time to leave.

Jonathan watched them leave,
staring mostly at Brass as they did.

Brass felt her face warming up,
the medafighter's walked in front while the Medabots stayed in the back.

Neutranurse held Brass' hand to get her friend's attention,

" Brass, are feeling alright? You're burning up, and your face is red... "
" I'm fine Nurse... "
" you've been acting funny since we saw that prototype... "

Metabee put in, 
throwing his hands behind his head and mimicking Ikki as they walked.
Brass stared at the ground and tightened her grip on Neutranurse's hand,

" it's odd... "
" what is? "
" I feel strange... Yet I am functioning properly...
I can't explain it... "
" pfft, if you ask me you've got a screw or two loose. "

Metabee puffed,
both the girls glared at him but didn't respond...
For :iconjonathanxbrass2:

Guess what... This is only part one ;P
I'm going to make more.
I just thought I'd post a type of story on how she first saw him.
Kind of emotionless... For now X3

Oh yeah, for the descriptions on the characters,
I wasn't sure if I was supposed to use the newer designs or the old ones...

( Like when Xader was black, not red )

Jonathan and Xader-

Nurse, Karin, Metabee, Ikki, Brass, Erika, Dr.Aki-
Natsumi, Beetrain, TV TOKYO, ETC
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MedabotPuru Jul 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome :meow:
Jonathanxbrass2 Jul 27, 2012  Student Digital Artist
:jawdrop: wow sis this is awesome and yeah its the new designs
Ah okay, and glad you Like it X3 I'm starting to work on the next part
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