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November 6, 2012
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Jonathan poked around at the computers,
he had no clue where Brass and Puru had wondered off to but he was starting to get worried...

" stupid cameras aren't up in every room in this building... "

Jonathan was hoping to find one of them on the screens to ease his fear but there was no such luck.

" Brass wasn't to far ahead of me... Maybe if I go the same direction she went I can catch up with her... "

Although he seriously doubted that work,
Jonathan head out and retraced Brass' steps.


Brass felt someone gently nudging her,

" *groan* please miss Erika just five more minutes... We can do a photoshoot after I finish my nap... "

" wake up Brass before I slap you so hard you won't remember how to hold a camera! "

Brass jolted awake and shook her wrist, realizing she was tied up.

" what happened...? "

" I think that Medabot knocked us out and tied us up. "

" oh great Puru, we fins him and he over powers us with one hit! "

" hey!.. I was looking at the commuter monitors i didn't actually expect to find him anywhere! "

Puru aggravatingly razzed.
Brass rolled her eyes and glanced around the room.

" looks like the room where they create the blue prints... "

" joy, we can look at blueprints while we wait to die! "

" don't say that, I'm sure this Xader won't kill us... Where is he, by the way? "

" he left into the other room... "

Brass glanced over at Puru, then at the door not too far away....


Xader fumbled with his head gear,

" stupid Dr.Aki, he could've at least made sure all my parts functioned before tossing me out! "

He growled,
then he found the mobile button on his headset,

" finally... "

" uh... Hello? "

" hello Jonathan. "

" who is this? "

Jonathan didn't sound worried...
Normally you should be worried if a stranger calls you and knows your name, right? 

" right now, that's not important... "

Xader replied bluntly,

" I just need your help... "

" what for? "

" to get me out if this insane isilum of a Medabot Corperation. "

" y-you're that prototype that escaped! "

" ah, what gave it away?.. in exchange for your help, I have two femmes here I'm sure you'd like to get back... "

" ... If you hurt them, I'll blow your head off. "

" I wouldn't harm them... YET. "

Xader hung up and sent a sort of text message to his coordinates.
He turned to Brass and Puru,
who had started shivering,

" what's the matter? Scared of a little prototype? "

" we're not scared of anything! "

Puru shot back at him,
while Brass kicked her in an attempt to shut her up.
Xader snickered and stared down at the purple hornet,

" glad to hear it... "

He picked them up by their wrist and led them out,
snickering at how reluctant Puru was.


Jonathan was careful to trace the coordinates.

" please let Brass be okay, please... "

He couldn't stop himself from thinking about her...
He couldn't explain why, that's just how it was...
And he knew he had to save her and her cousin.

He stared up and ran over to the three Medabots.
Brass squealed and ran over to him, hugging him around the waist.
He felt his face burning as he reached down to stroke her head.
Xader made a disgusted sound and smacked them in the back of the head,

" remember, you get these two back, I get out! "

Jonathan snorted at him and held both Brass and Puru's hand.

" stay really close and don't get lost... "

Brass continued to snuggle up with him as they walked, and Puru kept muttering as they walked.

Jonathan couldn't help but stare at Xader...
The red Medabot turned his head and eyed him suspiciously,

" what's the matter with you? "

" ... "

" ... What? Never seen a prototype before? "

" n-no I was just... You look a lot like... "

" like you? "

" yes... "

" ... Remember, we both manufactured at the same time... "

" what? "

Jonathan questioned,
but Xader didn't reply,
he pointed to a door,

" unlock it... "

Jonathan stared at the door...
A number lock...
Perhaps he could unlock it...

" be careful, okay?... "

Brass' eyes gleamed with a little fear...

" don't worry... "

Jonathan traced his finger along the lock...
He'd only have about five tries and if he failed an alarm would go off and they'd be trapped...

Everyone's eyes were on him as he clicked the buttons...
Just four digits...
He could do this...

It snapped open,
and the doors swung open,
revealing the outside.

Xader didn't hesitate to run out and disappear into an alley nearby.


Jonathan chased after him but he was gone...
Puru and Brass stood behind him...

" ... Thanks for saving us. "

Brass muttered shyly.

" yeah thanks... "

" your both welcome... Why don't I walk you both home? "

Brass giggled and skipped along, Jonathan following close behind her and Puru hanging back.


Jonathan walked Brass up to the door while Puru waited on the curb...

Brass seemed shy as she hid behind the door..

" y... You were really brave coming to get us... And saving us... "

" it was no big deal... You're very special so I had to save you... "

They both started to laugh nervously...
Then Brass motioned to him with his finger,

" come closer, I have a secret to tell you... "

" ? "

Jonathan leaned in a bit,

" closer... "

A little bit more,

" even closer... "

Jonathan leaned in so close his and Brass' face were only about a centimeter apart...
That's when Brass jumped forward and kissed Jonathan on the lips.
He didn't have time to react before she pulled away and shut the door.
He could hear her giggling on the other side and pressed a hand to his cheek,

" wow... "

He walked back over to where Puru was, and she gave him a 'I saw what you did look',

" someones got a crush on Brassy! "

" shut up! "

Jonathan felt his blush burning his entire face,
he swung and Puru and she cried out,
then ran off,




Puru sang all the way home, with Jonathan still chasing her...

:( sorry this is so late...
There were a couple days where I had trouble getting Microsoft to open...

But, I hope you like it.

Xader and Jonathan-


Beetrain, Natsumi
Jonathanxbrass2 Nov 6, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Awesome sis I love it x3
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