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August 8, 2012
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Jonathan watched as workers from the Medabot Corperation ran past him in a hurry.
Something must have been going on...
he would've gone to check it out, but Brass had fallen asleep on his shoulder and he didn't want to disturb her...
" Dr.Aki! "
" huh? what is it Jonathan? "
" what's going on?! everyone seems worried about something.. "
" uh, n-n-nothing's going on! you just stay right there and we'll handle everything! "
" hrmm... "
Jonathan watched Dr.Aki and sighed...
that wasn't very helpful at all...
then he felt a twitching on his shoulder.
he glanced over and noticed Brass was was waking up.
She looked up at him tiredly, then her eyes widened and she shyly backed away.
" I-I must have dozed off... huh? we're in the Medabot Corperation... "
" yes.. you, uh... kind of fell asleep, and I don't where Erika lives... so I brought you here until you awoke. "
" I see.. where is everyone? "
" they left... I think something's going on... something bad. "
---- meanwhile ----
Dr.Aki looked over the monitors in the office,
Ms.Caviar was typing instructions to the cameras.
" do you see him anywhere? "
" i'm afraid not... "
" how can it be that hard to find a big red Medabot?! he's got to be here somewhere! "
as soon as Dr.Aki said that, an alarm rang from somewhere in the distance.
" sir! we have an alarm in the Tinpet room! "
" huh? why would he go there? "
as they left, they didn't notice a medabot fall from the ceiling and land on his feet,
he smirked as he realized they had completly passed him.
" suckers.. "
Jonathan and Brass ran through the halls of the Medabot Corperation,
they wanted to get to the bottom of what was going on, even if they did get into trouble...
and, when Brass turned a corner she fell backwards.
she hit something.
She rubbed her head and moaned in pain.
Jonathan gripped her arm and helped her up,
" what's the matter? "
" I hit something... "
" yeah! me! "
" what the-?! Puru! what are you doing here?! "
" Brass, you think you'd know by now me, Pincer, and Twinkle work here on the weekdays. "
the violet hornet stood up, rubbing her head and aft as she did.
" that hurt.. "
" hey Brass, who is that? "
" this is my idiodic cousin Puru. I didn't expect to see her here... "
Brass patted Puru's head and blinked at her, waiting for the pain to numb.
When it finally did,
Puru was in a better mood.
" there's a Medabot on loose. He was supposed to be deactivated because he was too powerful to be mas-produced and soled... "
" so, what happened to him? "
Jonathan put a hand on his chin, watching Puru and Brass as they chatted away.
" well, he WAS put into storage... But, from what i've been hearing, he somehow activated himself and is now loose in the Corperation. "
" how could any 'bot reactivate themselves? surely someone must have helped him.. "
" that doesn't matter right now... what really matters is that we find him and give him back to Mr.Aki... if he gets out onto the streets, there's no telling what kind of damage he could cause, or what he'll do. "
Brass and Jonathan glanced at eachother uneasily.
the Medabot Corperation was rather large...
even if they did search the entire building, that Medabot might escape before hand...
that is, if he hadn't escaped already..
" do have any imformation on him, Puru? "
" all I know is that he's mostly red and VERY dangerous. Dr.Aki doesn't want him destroyed.. YET. but if it's neccesarry we're allowed to knock out his parts. "
" yeah, that's a GREAT help.. "
Brass sarcastically laughed at her cousin.
Puru glared up at her, but didn't respond.
Jonathan sighed and walked between them,
" there's a security room in here, I beleive it has monitors that can be tapped into the cameras. if we can see at least what room this guy is in, we might be able to catch him... "
" brilliant idea Jonathan! "
Brass beamed up at him, making his face turn red.
Puru snickered at them, then spread out her wings and flew past them,
" i'll meet you guys there! "
Puru flew into the security room...
stopped when she hit her stomach on a table and fell over.
" OOOWWWWWW, this isn't my day... now, where are those monitors... "
she flicked the light switch on and glanced around.
" ah hah.. "
Her eyes rested on five computer screens.
She turned them on and started searching through the options.
" there's got to be a way to hack into the camera feed... I wonder if Brass or Jonathan could figure it out... "
her antennaes bobbed up and down, someone was there.
She jumped up and pulled out a ninja star,
she tossed it at the other person in the room.
She hissed in annoyance when she saw Pincer shuddering, the ninja star just barely above his head.
" what are you doing here?! "
" D-D-D-Dr Aki o-oredered me t-t-to check the security s-systems in case the m-m-me-medabot hacked them... "
" nope, just me... get over here and help me figure out how to get a camera feed on these things. "
" i'm not good with computers, cuz... i'm more of a robattle expert.. "
Puru groaned and smashed her head against the keyboard.
the computer screen flicked off, then back on, showing the rooms of the building.
" hey, it looks like you figured it out! "
" ... thank Machina... wait a minute.. Pinc, come look at this.. "
Pincer sat down next to Puru and squinted at the screen.
" hey.. it's fuzzy, but I think that's a Medabot.. "
" a RED medabot. "
Puru tapped the side of her head, turning on her mobile.
" Brass... Brass, I think we found him. "
" judging by where you are... i'd say he's about two floors down from where you are. "
" roger that. "
" uh, Puru.. "
Pincer shakily pointed to the screen.
Puru looked at it and yelped.
The Medabot on the screen was missing.
" P-Puru.. the camera he was on.. look at the door.. "
" ... the Security room door. Great, look around, attack when you see him... "
Pincer hid behind Puru when she got up.
She groaned and glanced around..
no one there at the moment.
" are there any other security rooms? "
" t-th-this is the only o-one... "
" so then where is he?! "
" right behind you, bug eyes. "
Puru fell to the floor,
when she tried to get up,
she was knocked down again.
" damn... "
" you're a lucky femme, I don't intend to harm you, unless you resist me. "
" oh? "
" just tell me how I get out of here, and i'll leave you and your little friend be.
Resist, and you'l leave here in pieces.. "
" and just who do you think you are giving ME orders?! "
" name's Xader, kid... and I suggest you cooperate, you're in no postition to fight right now... "
" Puru? Puru, where is he? I can't find him? PURU! "
Jonathan blinked at Brass...
if she was screaming into her mobile, there must have been something wrong...
" what is it? "
" Puru isn't responding... maybe she's just ignoring me... stubborn ninja.. "
Though, Brass was a little uneasy....
she stopped where she was,
one of the rooms had the light switched on.
" hey. the Security Room.. "
" isn't that where Puru is? "
" oh, i'm going to give her a little Brass-boppin for ignoring me! "
Brass stomped into the room, Jonathan waited a bit before following her...
He noticed the monitors were on...
But no one was there watching them...
Brass nervously put a finger to where her mouth would be and clicked on the keyboards.
Jonathan looked around from side to side, then his head scraped up against something.
" huh? hey Brass, what's this? "
" ... that's one of Puru's ninja stars... so unless someone startled her, she got into a fight... "
Jonathan and Brass glanced at eachother.
This was starting to get just a little TOO creepy.
" maybe we should leave.. if Puru's here, Dr.Aki will- "
" but we can't leave her! she's my cousin! and how would I explain that to her sisters?!
Oh yeah Lil, I just lost her at the Medabot Coperation with a DERRANGED MEDABOT LOOSE IN IT! "
" jeez, alright alright! let's split up and look for her. "
Brass nodded and stepped out of the room.
she knew something was wrong when Puru didn't respond...
usually in a situation where her own family members is danger Puru is chatty when she gets information and when someone speaks to her...
Puru stuggled with the cuffs on her wrist.
Xader gave her a confused look,
" don't you realize yet that those aren't coming off until you get me out of here? "
" hah, that doesn't mean I won't keep trying! "
Xader rolled his eyes at her.
Femmes could be such a pain...
he had wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible, but Puru wasn't very cooperative and was intentionally slowing him down.
" and as soon as i'm out of here, i'll also let that blue Medabot go. "
" Pincer can take care of himself, so it's not him i'm worried about. "
Puru gritted her metalic teeth when the cuffs started scratching at her paint.
she flapped her wings around, hopeing someone would hear her...
" don't bother calling for help, there's no one around to- "
" scrap.. "
Xader pulled Puru behind a wall and covered her mouth.
Brass walked in the hall next to them...
" I could've sworn I heard her wings... "
" hmm... another captive. wait right here and be a good little girl and maybe I won't destroy the both of you. "

Puru fidgeted at the cuffs,

" come on Brass, you've got to sense him around... 


Brass stared at the empty space in front of her...
She couldn't tell if it was a closet or a room...
There weren't any lights on...

She felt like something was wrong...

She peeked over the sides of the door fame and glanced around...
The room was full of mostly desk and papers...
She noticed a few blue prints too.

" hey, Jonathan and Belzelga's blueprints... Who's this? "

Brass picked up a blue print that showed a prototype that looked a lot like Jonathan... But, different.

She heard something smacking against the desk near her.

" what the?.... "

Brass shakily walked over and pulled the desk back a bit.

She pointed her gun but drew back.
Puru was thrashing around and kicking.

" Puru? What the heck are you doing?! "

" Brass! You got to get out of here! He's here he's here! "

" who is? "

" that Medabot! "

" that would be XADER. "

Brass felt something hit her head and she landed ontop of Puru,

" hurghh... Oww... "

" Brass! "

" cooperate, and I'll leave you both be. You don't want to know what will happen if you make me mad. "
Getting a little more into a dramatic piece...
Or maybe it's the climax. :iconthinkingplz:

Anyway, I added some extra characters because just Brass and Jonathan running from Xader wouldn't be as exciting.

Jonathan and Xader belong to-

Pincer belongs to-


Brass and Dr.Aki... And the Medabot Corperation belong to Natsumi and Beetrain
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:wow: oh my god! Puru and Brass!
do not worry, Miss Vermillion.
I am sure Jonathan will be able to save them
Jonathanxbrass2 Aug 8, 2012  Student Digital Artist
awesome sis ^^
:D thanks bro. So you like it?
Jonathanxbrass2 Aug 8, 2012  Student Digital Artist
yeah i love it ^^
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