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August 6, 2012
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TickTock looked her friend over.

Sound had taken on a lot of damage from a fight with Darkness.

Her cassette deck was shattered from the middle to each tip and side.
Her helmet had rips and gashes in it.
One of her shoulder mounts was missing, and the other split in half.
Her visor and mask had also crakced and shattered, revealing part of her lips and the side of her left eye.

She blinked up at TickTock as she struggled to keep her systems running,

" Tick... Ticky? "

" yes Sound?... "

" ... Question: how bad is the damage? "

" well... You should heal up nicely... But, it will take some time... Considering the damage you took on... "

" ... "

Sound turned her head back to the ceiling.
She zoomed her optical vision in on a wandering spider, thinking about her brother BlackDeath.
Perhaps he could have helped her if she had a chance to contact him...

" question 2: where are the cassettes? "

" I had to take them out, with your tape deck shattered it could hurt them. "

" ... Statement: that was not a good idea. "

" why not? "

" Joker likes to lead, and she usually gets the others into trouble...
Can you at least get Poppy and Polly for me?...
They're my eyes and ears after something like this... "

Sound's dark blue hand reached for TickTock's and held it as she made a begging motion.

" which cassettes were they? "

" Polly is a parrot, but he should be a silver tape.
Poppy is a kitten, but she should be a black cassette with a white cat head on the top. "

" alright... "

TickTock stood up and left...
When she was out of sight,
Sound pressed her head against the pillow.
She didn't want to go through an attack like that again...
But she knew, until she could get proof it was happening, it would repeat itself over and over and over again...
for my little friend :iconsoundwavegirl:

:( she's going through a bad time right now...
so I made a story for ya in between the other one i'm working on
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poor Sound.. :(

fantastic story though, I wish you'd make more literature...
yeah, i've seen what she's been going through. :( ...
I reaallllyyyy wish I could call child services for her...
if she's going through what I heard she's going through,
someone needs to
Jonathanxbrass2 Aug 6, 2012  Student Digital Artist
:'( oh my
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